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Darknet4You way and philosophy

Darknet4you is an independent association of people who are passionate about the darknet. Our project was launched in mid-2019.

The purpose of our project is to increase the degree of awareness of Internet users.

The idea to open a resource dedicated to the darknet came to us at the beginning of 2019. By that time, we already had great knowledge of the dark web and interest in it. We sat in the Tor network for a long time, studying and analyzing various sites and platforms. At the same time, I talked to people and realized that many of them are learning more about the deep web and showing interest in it. However, the darknet is a pretty wild place. It contains a huge number of scammers and other dishonest people, only thinking about how to profit at the expense of others. Many beginners fall for their bait due to the lack of normal manuals and honest links to darknet resources. We decided to remedy this situation by creating our own site, where every newcomer to the dark web could get all the information they need to safely explore and surf the deep web. In February 2019, we started developing the site and preparing materials. A huge amount of information was studied, many guides were written and a large number of different formats were tried. As a result, in July 2019, our website was finally placed on the Internet. The dark web is a place where things change very quickly, so we continue to work to this day to ensure that the information provided to users is appropriately up-to-date.

Please note that the creators and administration of the site are not affiliated with the owners of darknet sites. We do not help the owners of these sites to promote their products and services and, accordingly, we do not accept any payment for such services, since honesty and objectivity are above all for us.

All content on the site is presented for informational purposes only, so that users can familiarize themselves with what is happening on the other, dark side of the Internet. Such acquaintance does not contradict the laws of any country in the world.

One of our achievements that we can be proud of is the ever-growing catalog of onion links. In modern realities, when fake and phishing sites are waiting for you on every corner on the darknet, threatening your security, it is very difficult to find relevant links to real darknet resources. However, on our sites you can always take advantage of the fruits of our labor and get acquainted with the darknet sites without the risk of falling for the tricks of intruders.

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