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AlphaBay Market

AlphaBay is one of the largest and oldest shopping areas in Darknet. The market was restarted after a sudden closure in 2017. Since then, it has been completely recycled and actually written from scratch. Alphabay is fundamentally different from other darknet areas by its adult approach to doing business. This market has a professional and proven team. There are experienced developers, cybersecurity experts. Thanks to such a team of professionals, AlphaBay has its own technologies, such as AlphaGuard. This market adheres to zero tolerance policy to fraud, so customers can make purchases with complete confidence.

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Abacus Market

A rather small darknet market, which contains less than 10,000 listings. The market presents a relatively small number of suppliers. The interface will seem familiar to many, as the site layout was copied with AlphaBay. This is not surprising, as this is a rather popular market, which is imitated by many market players. As a general conclusion about Abacus, it can be said that it operates regularly and copes with its task. However, he has where to develop in terms of introducing new technologies and increasing the number of suppliers.

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ASAP Market

ASAP market - Large-size darknet arket, after the fall of such leaders as Hydra Market and Cannahome Market has become one of the largest Darknet shopping areas. The market is seriously suitable for organizing the safety of its users, as well as to combat fraud. The ASAP team consists of professional experienced programmers who develop and improve their own system for tracking fraud and cheating fake reviews. This market presents a wide range of digital items, while most of the analogues are limited to drugs.

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Tor2Door Market

Pretty large darknet market, which is young enough, he has less than three years. It presents more than 13,000 listings, which allows it to be comparable in size with top-markets. The market of the Market has serious experience in developing Web services, thanks to which they managed to create a platform with an intuitive user interface, to deal with which will not be difficult even a newcomer in the field of Darknet. Also, the team was improved by the conditional function with the multisig escrow, so that the use of this option was very simple and understandable.

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OMG!OMG! Market

OMG!OMG! one of the top three darknet markets in Russia. The market has been working without interruptions and any significant technical problems since its inception in 2021, successfully repelling DDoS attacks and not falling into the hands of the authorities. Like other Russian markets, it began active growth after the closure of the main player in this market, Hydra, and has not stopped growing at a rapid pace to this day. A distinctive feature of OMG!OMG!, which distinguishes it from other Russian markets, is its international character. Suppliers deliver goods in all countries, and not only within Russia and the CIS countries. For now, OMG!OMG! is the leading and most famous among its Russian competitors, most successfully occupying the position of a closed Hydra.

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