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Abacus - Rich King

  • By DarkNet4You
  • Aug 13, 2022
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General about the market

Today we will talk about one of the most famous and largest darknet markets of our time. Abacus market, besides being a large darknet market, is also one of the most reliable. Most recently, Abacus market has gone through a restructuring: because of what for a long time it was difficult to get into it. What has changed, what the creators of the market have been working on all this time, and just about the interesting features and features of this marketplace, we will tell in this article.

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Abacus market main page


Abacus market is one of those projects that is constantly being developed by its administration. In the summer of 2022, it was problematic to get into this market, and all because the site developers were actively working on improving some special features, including an advanced server system. Many people know that the Alphabay market paid special attention to the stability of its servers during its triumphant return. This is a very important matter, because if the server base is lost, market users and sellers risk not only being discovered, but also losing their funds. Alphaguard is a great system for automatically securing servers. Abacus also decided to invest in a similar development. At the moment, the Abacus market server network has become quite large. They have dozens of server sites in different countries of the world, as well as a reliable system for automatic deployment and destruction of data. We want to believe that this Abacus team-created system is as good as the famed Alphaguard.

Also of the features I would like to note the presence of the forum on the market. Abacus have created a convenient place where users can chat with each other, discuss suppliers or just hot topics without any censorship. Having a forum on the darknet market is always a plus, as it helps to retain a loyal audience and build a community through social interaction.

In addition, an interesting detail is the seller rating system. Each vendor has its own level, which is displayed in the product card. You can earn a level by increasing the number of sales, as well as expanding your range. As the level increases, sellers receive various privileges. This system is very convenient for buyers, as you can immediately find out which supplier you are dealing with.

Interface & Design

At the beginning of its journey, Abacus darknet market had an interface similar to Alphabay. However, over time, the market development team developed its own website design and abandoned the outdated design. The Abacus market has a section with current cryptocurrency rates, a convenient personal account, as well as an advanced search system with filters by category.

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Avalaible products

Abacus is considered to be one of the largest darknet marketplaces currently in existence. At the moment, there are more than 30,000 listings. Products for convenience are divided into several categories. The largest of these categories is drugs. There are over 18,000 drug items on Abacus. The second largest category is "Guides and Tutorials". There are about 5000 listings. However, as elsewhere, most of these guides are either completely useless or easily googled. Nevertheless, sometimes truly rare specimens can be found here. There are also a large number of digital products presented here. Basically, these are all kinds of accounts and programs.

Abacus market product card


The security of Abacus Market is at a fairly high level. We already wrote about server security above and we consider this a big step forward for this darknet market and a serious investment in the future. Thanks to such developments, we want to believe that Abacus will stay with us for a long time. Abacus accepts Monero (XMR). This is also a big plus for the security of users, as it saves them from the need to further obfuscate transactions. Bitcoin is too transparent a coin, which is not an advantage for shopping on the dark web. Of course, features such as 2FA and PGP encryption are available to you. This has already become the standard for all darknet markets and Abacus is no exception.


Having examined the Abacus market in detail, we can say with confidence that this marketplace will definitely stay with us for a long time and can be trusted. We are very pleased to see that the market team is actively working on its improvement. Most markets quickly appear and fade away in a short time. However, the strongest players remain and achieve great heights. Abacus market offers a wide range of products, as well as good security features. We recommend it for shopping.

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Now I take only here, I recommend it to everyone



Hard market: staff fire, everything is sharp



Links are unstable
But the market is good.



Good marketplace for shopping. Better than Alphabay

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Analysis of Market

A wonderful market, with which I have been interacting for quite a long time. I like that the support here is quick to respond. I'm glad they're working again. In the summer it seemed to me that the Abacus market was closed.

DN4U Analyst

Analysis of Market

Finally, a player has emerged that is ready to challenge Alphabay in terms of the quality of its logistics base. Their investment in servers and security developments is impressive. I'm interested in following their development.

Mr Anonymous
Independent expert of DarkNet