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Ares - Spartan Market

  • By DarkNet4You
  • Jul 30, 2022
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General about the market

Ares market appeared at the end of 2021. At the moment, it has existed for less than a year, but it already represents a rather interesting example of darknet markets. Ares market has an unusual design and interface. He managed to acquire a fairly large audience and a wide range of products.

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Ares market differs from other darknet markets in its special attention to customers. In this market, especially serious requirements are imposed on suppliers. Those who want to work with Ares must have at least two years of experience in other markets. The number of positive reviews on other markets must be at least 95% with at least 500 sales. This explains why there are only 222 vendors on the Ares market. However, the buyer can be sure that every supplier on the market is 100% verified. The market provides users with all available detailed statistics about suppliers for review.

Interface & Design

The design of Ares market is rather unusual. The market is made in black and red colors. This provocative design makes Ares stand out from the rest of the dark web markets, many of which use a blue and white palette.

We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in. People and DarkNet - that's our everything!”

Dr. DhTcP
Creator of DarkNet4You Project.

Avalaible products

There are more than 10,000 products on the market. This is a fairly large number of products, considering the fact that only 222 suppliers work with Ares. The choice of product is fairly standard. Here you are presented with a wide selection of various drugs, as well as digital goods. There are quite standard restrictions for darknet markets, such as "no weapons", "no child porn". The sale of fentanyl is also prohibited.

Ares market product card


Ares market presents you with a detailed report on your security in the form of a strip with the percentage of account security. You have access to PGP encryption and two-factor authentication (2FA) to encrypt personal data and protect your account from phishing. The market supports payment in Monero (XMR) in addition to traditional Bitcoin (BTC).

An interesting feature is the lack of a built-in wallet on the market. All orders are paid exclusively by direct method. Delivery details are automatically encrypted, so you don't have to worry about law enforcement attention.


Ares market looks like a unique player in the DNM community. It stands out for its very strict attention to the selection of suppliers. The full focus on Direct Pay instead of the usual wallet on darknet markets is also very pleasing. We would like to see the same on other darknet markets. The market is quite difficult to master, because beginners will have to learn the details of PGP encryption. Unfortunately, the Ares market is unlikely to experience a very rapid rise, since the number of suppliers is small, and the complexity of mastering the process of making purchases on the market is high. However, we recommend Ares Market to anyone who understands PGP and wants to get the most reliable suppliers.

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I love ordering from here. Always confident in your safety



Ordered here already 10 times. Everything was fine every time

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Analysis of Market

I like Ares market. When I was new to the dark web, I knew absolutely nothing about how PGP encryption worked. Once on this market, I saw a large number of high-quality guides on this topic and was able to understand perfectly. This indicates a responsible approach to their customers from Ares.

DN4U Analyst

Analysis of Market

In today's darknet arena, there aren't many marketplaces offering anything special. The majority strives for quick money and does not think about the quality of their platform and partners. This definitely does not apply to the Ares market. At this market, the team strives to play long and responsibly approaches everything.

Mr Anonymous
Independent expert of DarkNet