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  • By DarkNet4You
  • Jun 23, 2022
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ASAP market is a large darknet market that has grown from a small and start-up market to one of the largest darknet markets in the world. As befits top darknet markets, the ASAP team develops and implements technological solutions in its platform. The market is a strong player and as a result is constantly exposed to DDOS attacks from competitors, but still stands firmly on its feet. ASAP is a noteworthy representative of illegal darknet sites that has proven itself over a long period of its existence.

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asap main page


The ASAP market team has developed its own unique system to increase the level of trust in the market. This system is automatically able to recognize fraudulent sellers and fake reviews, so that buyers can be sure that they really get the right quality product they want.

The second interesting feature is the so-called flexible bonds for suppliers. The supplier's fee may change after ASAP analyzes the application and determines how much such a supplier can bring value to the market.

I would like to note the administration of ASAP market in a positive way. Administrators are diligently working to ensure that the user experience remains as pleasant as possible. They are actively involved in resolving disputes with sellers and participate in conversations on Dread and other forums.

Interface & Design

The ASAP market design is not cutting-edge or even modern. Perhaps the creators of the market will rework the design in the future, but the current design is godlessly outdated. However, all the main interface functions, such as search, filters, convenient product cards, are present and using the site to make purchases will not cause any difficulties. A convenient feature is that you do not need to register on the market to view products. This will allow you to decide whether or not to use ASAP before registering.

We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in. People and DarkNet - that's our everything!”

Dr. DhTcP
Creator of DarkNet4You Project.

Avalaible products

ASAP market can be called the largest darknet market. It already has over 50,000 listings. Traditionally, for darknet markets, the largest category is various types of drugs. It is subdivided into smaller ones for a more convenient search for the desired variety of narcotic drugs. But ASAP is not limited to drugs alone. It presents a lot of digital goods (more than 8000 ads). Digital goods on darknet markets are mostly guides and manuals that can be easily found on the Internet for free, but there are also unique goods.

Thanks to the system of flexible bonds for suppliers, ASAP market managed to attract a large number of suppliers. Suppliers at ASAP range from large and very experienced to just starting out in their careers. Thanks to the large number of suppliers operating in the market, ASAP market services can be used in any corner of the world.

asap main page


Nothing special can be said about the security of this market. I would like to note the possibility of using Monero (XMR) in addition to the usual Bitcoin (BTC). This is a major advantage for those who wish to make anonymous transactions and do not wish to obfuscate Bitcoin transactions further. The payment system on the ASAP market is traditional: users deposit coins to cover an order and only after that can they place it. After the order is placed, the market uses the escrow system and transfers the money to the seller only after confirming the receipt of the goods.


ASAP market has been holding the status of the top darknet market for a long time for a reason. It has a truly unsurpassed abundance of goods of various categories. ASAP market suppliers have proven themselves from the best side and you can really trust them. ASAP market can rightfully be called a favorite and a great choice for shopping on the dark web.

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I think that this kind of problems can happens everywhere, especially on the darknet. I had a Very good experience with Thecandydon vendor, super pro people and top quality stuff it’s all about to find the right vendors here, there and everywhere! Good luck



ASAP market is the best, support is super helpful when I had a problem with a vendor! Super good market, and many great vendors as well



I was on ASAP yesterday and they had posted a message stating they are under heavy DDOS and trying to take care of it.

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Analysis of Market

ASAP market can hardly be called the most convenient or technological. It is not always possible to access it without problems due to the long page load time and constant DDoS attacks. However, this market is very reliable and proven, which is often the decisive factor when choosing a marketplace for shopping on the dark web.

DN4U Analyst

Analysis of Market

I am pleased that ASAP Market is one of the leaders among darknet trading platforms today. I am very familiar with this market and the history of its development, and have always recommended it for shopping. According to my information, the market team is already working on improving the user interface and investing money in technology development in order to maintain its position in the future.

Mr Anonymous
Independent expert of DarkNet