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Bohemia - Market of Many Promises

  • By DarkNet4You
  • Jul 27, 2022
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General about the market

A relatively new darknet market that has only been around for a little over a year. According to the creators of the market, they pay special attention to innovation and the technological component of the market. However, after more than a year since the release of the market and the start of technology promotion, it has not been noticed much. Nevertheless, Bohemia Market was able to earn some trust in the community and gain a fairly serious turnover of funds.

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Numerous unrealized technology claims aside, Bphemia is a fairly standard dark web marketplace. Like many other budding darknet markets, Bohemia Market has set up vendor bonds at a very low price of $200. For well-known suppliers with a good reputation in the community, the administration of Bohemia has completely waived fees.

One of the interesting features implemented on Bohemia is feedback from Recon. This function collects reviews left by users about suppliers in different markets. Thanks to Bohemia users, they will be able to see the rating of the supplier in different markets and draw the necessary conclusions.

Interface & Design

The design of the Bohemia market is nothing special and does not stand out from other darknet markets. Nevertheless, simplicity sometimes plays into his hands. The interface of the market is very easy to understand and placing an order is unlikely to cause difficulties even for those new to the dark web. The market has a shopping cart, a user's personal account, and a search bar. The search bar works properly and makes it much easier to find the right product.

We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in. People and DarkNet - that's our everything!”

Dr. DhTcP
Creator of DarkNet4You Project.

Avalaible products

Thanks to a loyal policy towards suppliers, a large number of vendors came to the Bohemia market to present their goods. At the moment, there are more than 42,000 listings on the market. This is a very worthy indicator for darknet markets. There are quite a lot of buyers on the Bohemia market, and the growth in popularity is only increasing. If this continues, then BOhemia can become a top market and take its place next to such giants as Tor2Door and ASAP.

The range of the market is varied. Here are drugs of completely different types. For the convenience of users, drugs are categorized according to their types, with each type of drug also categorized into smaller categories. In addition to drugs, on the Bohemia market you can find digital goods, a large number of fraud goods. I would like to note that the Bohemia market can hardly be called a top market for carders, since the section dedicated to credit cards is not large enough.

Bohemia market product card


Security on the Bohemia market is also represented by classic darknet market features. Here you will find a properly working escrow feature. Thanks to Recon's feedback feature, you can easily check the power of attorney of the supplier you plan to order from. A nice feature is support for payment in Monero (XMR). Almost all providers accept Monero on the Bohemia market, which is very pleasing. We believe that the transition to Monero and the abandonment of Bitcoin as a means of payment is inevitable for the darknet community.


Bohemia market is a rather controversial platform. For all its simplicity and even primitiveness, this market has a large number of suppliers and listings. The number of buyers at Bohemia market is also growing every day. Based on these statistics, Bohemia market is on its way to becoming a top market.

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Analysis of Market

In my opinion, Bohemia market is a rather boring representative of darknet markets. You will not find any memorable features on it. However, more and more customers prefer this market every day. With what it is connected - it is difficult to judge.

DN4U Analyst

Analysis of Market

I met this darknet market not so long ago. He did not interest me at all because of his routine. I was very surprised to find out how popular it is in the darknet community. Having studied the issue in more detail, I realized that Bohemia is a simple and reliable darknet market, that is, exactly what is lacking in the modern darknet.

Mr Anonymous
Independent expert of DarkNet