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Nemesis - Rapid Growth

  • By DarkNet4You
  • Jul 16, 2022
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General about the market

The Nemesis market has been around for about a year and a half. At the beginning of its journey, this market did not have any features and, on the contrary, was quite raw. However, the Nemesis team worked fruitfully and now Nemesis is quite an interesting representative of the DNM community. It has a number of interesting features, as well as a small number of restrictions and rules.

Nemesis market link:

Nemesis market main page


The market has an active forum with over 80,000 registered users. The forum is a fairly effective way of communication between sellers and buyers. Nemesis admins are also present here to answer user questions and keep a development diary. The forum well strengthens the market community and its presence indicates the serious intentions of the creators of Nemesis.

The rules of the Nemesis market have become tougher over time. If at the beginning of the journey only child pornography was prohibited on it, now the list of prohibitions has been replenished. Prohibited on the Nemesis market are assassin services, weapons, explosives, fentanyl, poisons and acids.

Interface & Design

The Nemesis market design is nice and modern. It is made in white and blue colors. The user can get acquainted with the Discussions on the forum even before registration, which is very convenient. This allows you to make a preliminary opinion about the market even before registering on it.

We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in. People and DarkNet - that's our everything!”

Dr. DhTcP
Creator of DarkNet4You Project.

Avalaible products

The Nemesis market has a fairly standard product selection for dark web markets. There are more than 10,000 ads on the market now. This is not some kind of record volume of goods for darknet markets, but not too small either. There are some interesting categories on the market, such as self-defense. However, the amount of goods in them is too small. In general, it can be seen that Nemesis is trying to attract suppliers and increase the available assortment.

At the dawn of its existence, Nemesis embodied the idea of ​​the "Wild West". However, now many categories of goods are banned and Nemesis has become a regular darknet market.

Nemesis market product card


Security is carried out in standard ways for darknet markets. PGP encryption, 2FA, escrow, it's all on the Nemesis marketplace and works pretty well. When Nemesis first appeared, it only supported payment in Monero (XMR), but now it has also added support for Bitcoin (BTC). This will probably be convenient for inexperienced users who do not know how to work with Monero, but it entails great risks.


Nemesis market seems to us a rather interesting instance of darknet markets. It is under active development and is only gaining popularity. The creators of the market are going in the right direction. A forum has been added where conversations take place regularly. The market is constantly attracting new suppliers. All this indicates that Nemesis has a permanent audience and its active growth. We recommend the Nemesis Market and will continue to follow it.

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Nice market top staff recommend



One of the best at the moment. Good market. Unfortunately, there are not as many products as before.



top 10/10



Delivery took a long time, but everything is ok

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Analysis of Market

When you visit the Nemesis market today, you might think that you have entered a top market, or at least a large market. However, the number of listings on the Nemesis market is still low. I don't really like its design and graphics, but it's far from the worst market on the dark web.

DN4U Analyst

Analysis of Market

I've been familiar with Nemesis ever since it appeared on the dark web. I am very pleased with how far this trading platform has gone and the number of changes made there. If the market continues to develop at the same pace, then in 1-2 years it may become the leader of the darknet.

Mr Anonymous
Independent expert of DarkNet