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OMG!OMG! Market - strong russian leader

  • By DarkNet4You
  • Jun 15, 2022
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Our team includes people from the CIS countries who are well versed in the specifics of the Russian darknet and its markets. We present to your attention an overview of one of the most promising players in the Russian shadow market.

A little background

Relatively recently, an event took place in the Russian segment of the darknet that turned the game upside down. Anyone who follows the world of the dark web even a little bit is probably aware of what it is about. Of course, we are now talking about the closure of the Hydra market. This trading platform was not only the largest in Russia, but probably even the largest in the whole world. It had cosmic and ever-increasing turnover, which brought excess profits to the market owners. The Hydra market was even planning to launch an ICO, an unprecedented event in the history of the dark web. Hydra market had huge volumes and exorbitant ambitions. He managed to become literally a monopolist of the Russian darknet, displacing all other markets. The Hydra administration even facilitated the work of law enforcement in order to take out competitors. However, everything ends someday, and in April 2022, the Hydra market was closed by the German police, its creators were arrested, and property and servers were confiscated. From that moment on, a new life began for the Russian darknet with new players and the race for the shadow of the former greatness of Hydra.

General about the market

One of the markets that started this race was OMG!OMG! market. It appeared, of course, not immediately after the closure of Hydra, but in 2021. However, until that moment, he was in the shadow of the Russian monopolist and did not attract much attention to himself from the audience. Now it is one of the fastest growing Russian darknet markets. OMG!OMG! managed to secure a sufficient number of goods and suppliers, as well as maintain stability at the proper level. This was the key to his growth and success. However, the competition in Russia is very strong and where will OMG!OMG! Only time will tell in a year or two.

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The first interesting feature of OMG!OMG! market is that although the market is based in Russia, it is international and provides deliveries to all countries of the world. This is quite unusual for Russian markets, since even the legendary Hydra was limited only to Russia and the CIS. Since the market is international, it supports Russian and English.

However, this feature of OMG!OMG! are not limited. This market has a function of instant transactions. This feature first appeared on Russian markets and was perfected by the administration of Hydra market and Ozone. In OMG!OMG! instant transactions work extremely conveniently and reliably. You select your region and can see sellers working in it. After you select and pay for the product, information on how to receive this product will immediately become available to you. Namely, you will be provided with coordinates, photos and instructions for finding hidden goods. For trouble-free operation and user safety, when receiving goods, couriers always place the goods in well-hidden places so that you do not attract undue attention from the police.

Interface & Design

The creators have worked hard on the design and user interface. The market interface is modern and responsive and meets all modern UI/UX design standards accepted in the web design community. You can search for a product with various filters and refinements, which allows you to find the desired product or seller without experiencing any problems. Users have access to a personal account with all the necessary information about your account, orders and active disputes. Design by OMG!OMG! can safely be called advanced and thoughtful.

We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in. People and DarkNet - that's our everything!”

Dr. DhTcP
Creator of DarkNet4You Project.

Avalaible products

OMG!OMG! represented mainly by drugs. They come in a wide range of categories from cannabinoids to synthetic xanax and butyrates. The number of products presented on the market already exceeds 5000 items and continues to grow. In addition to drugs, there are also digital goods and scam products. There are sections related to the provision of services, such as hacking, breaking through or design. Also on OMG!OMG! there is a section with vacancies familiar to Russian markets. Here you can realize yourself as a grower, chemist, carrier or manager.


On OMG!OMG! all the main technologies for ensuring user security are presented, such as PGP encryption, escrow, encryption of private messages and personal data, as well as two-factor authentication. An interesting feature is the function of the so-called "Kamikaze Password". It works as follows. In your account settings, you can specify a special password upon entering which your account will be destroyed. This feature can save you from jail time if you are forced to log into your account in the presence of police officers. However, in terms of security, the market has its drawbacks. OMG!OMG! does not support Monero (XMR). Instead, it uses Bitcoin (BTC) as the only means of payment available. This is an oversight, since the use of Bitcoin can hardly be called truly secure due to the transparency of its transactions. However, Bitcoin can be safely used to pay on OMG!OMG! by using obfuscation techniques such as running BTC through mixers.


OMG!OMG! The market is currently the leader and the strongest player on the Russian darknet. The stability of work, the presence of all the key functions necessary to ensure security and the presence of interesting features such as instant transactions or a kamikaze password make the market attractive for both buyers and sellers. If the market continues to work as stable and continues to gain momentum and audience, then in the foreseeable future it will be able to take the place of the largest darknet market in Russia.

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love this market by far the best in my opinion also the review does not do it justice as a lot has changed already



Best DN Market simple. This review does not do it justice to be honest. A lot has changed since this review.



Always online! Treasures in a safe place!!

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Analysis of Market

With the OMG!OMG market! I met while writing an analytical report. I was pleasantly surprised by the meticulous approach with which his administration works. Thanks to the efforts of the creators of OMG!OMG! darknet users from Russia can shop without worrying about the safety of their funds or the attention of the police.

DN4U Analyst

Analysis of Market

I have quite a few friends living in Russia. From them, for the first time after the closing of the Hydra market, I heard about this trading platform. I became interested and analyzed the technical side of the issue. OMG!OMG! the market can be called a great alternative to Hydra and just a very high quality and stable market that can be used without any fears. Score 10/10

Mr Anonymous
Independent expert of DarkNet