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Revolution - Good Alternative

  • By DarkNet4You
  • Jul 17, 2022
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General about the market

A fairly young darknet market that has existed for a little over one year. The Revolution market was launched in May 2021 and has yet to become widely known. It contains over 5,000 product listings and tries to attract new vendors and users. Revolution market tries to keep in touch with its community and keep them up to date with what's going on.

Revolution market link:

Revolution market main page


The market is focused mainly on the EU and the UK. However, some suppliers support international shipping and work in America and the CIS countries.

Revolution market cares about its customers and forces them to use 2FA. This is a rather strict measure, but it is useful for preventing fraud.

Interface & Design

The interface of the market is very simple and familiar. Nothing special can be said about him. The design is made in white and blue colors, which is a fairly common color scheme not only among darknet markets, but in general. In the sidebar of the market, you can see the parameters of your account, as well as select the category of goods you are interested in. You also have access to the advanced filter function, thanks to which it is possible to narrow the search circle as much as possible.

We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in. People and DarkNet - that's our everything!”

Dr. DhTcP
Creator of DarkNet4You Project.

Avalaible products

The choice of products on the Revolution market is rather limited. It has just over 5,000 ads. You will be able to find all the usual dark web market categories such as drugs, scams, digital goods and more. You are also presented with sections with security and hosting, as well as malware. Unfortunately, most of these categories have too little assortment.


Revolution market keeps up with the times and provides its customers with the opportunity to pay in Monero (XMR). Such markets are always nice to see, because it gives hope that soon the entire darknet community will switch to this cryptocurrency. You also have access to all the classic darknet market features such as escrow and PGP encryption.


Revolution market unfortunately does not offer anything revolutionary yet. So far, it is a standard medium-sized darknet market. If it continues its development, implements some cool features, and actively engages trusted vendors, it has every chance of earning the trust of the community and a loyal audience.

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Nice market, works without problems

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Analysis of Market

Revolution market cannot be called very outstanding. This is a typical marketplace on the dark web. It is unlikely that anyone will consider it as the first priority when shopping on the dark web. However, it can be a good alternative in case your favorite market becomes unavailable.

DN4U Analyst

Analysis of Market

Revolution market came to my attention about six months ago. I analyzed his chances of success. It seemed to me that he had something to offer in the DNM community, but six months later he could not become anything more than just an ordinary mid-sized market.

Mr Anonymous
Independent expert of DarkNet